about winescan

Winescan uses bar code scanning technology in smart phones to capture, store and share information about wine with consumers, retailers, wholesalers and vintners.

Winescan was founded by Sheila Tendy, an attorney and entrepreneur in New York with a passion for wine. Sheila was frustrated that there was not an easy way to keep track of wines she liked or find them in stores and restaurants. She also noticed that many friends and colleagues shared the same problem.

Thus the idea for Winescan was born. Using the latest technology in smart phone apps, Winescan makes it easy to scan a bar code from a wine bottle that you love wherever you are -- at a restaurant, bar, home of a friend or even a bottle you were given as a gift. Winescan can then tell you where you can find that bottle of wine to buy and/or which restaurants serve it on their menus. You can even rate your favorites and keep a list of them on the app to refer to next time you are in a restaurant or wine store.

Winescan also allows you to share your thoughts about wines via Facebook and Twitter. Plus, on our website, www.winescan.co you'll be able to compare your favorites with the top picks of the Winescan community and get ideas on other wines you might like to try.